Audio Products
The following are Lowell's current audio CDs available for purchase in person, by phone at 703-795-6498 by email and Securely On-Line. Please note, a PayPal account is not necessary to use their secure on-line payment system.

Discovering Your Soul's Purpose
- A Guided Imagery Meditation

This thirty minute recording contains a Guided Imagery Meditation that will allow the listener to meet their Spiritual Advocate from whom they will be told what their Soul's Purpose is.

Listeners will also be taken on a wondrous journey in which they will be introduced to The Master - The Christ and be provided an especially meaningful message.

Available on physical CD and now as an mp3 audio file delivered via email.

Physical CD - $8.95 Plus Shipping & Handling

mp3 Download - $4.50
Discovering Your Soul's Purpose Meditation audio file will be emailed directly to your inbox within 24 hours.

Spontaneous Channeling Recordings
During some sessions of Rev. Lowell Smith's Fairfax, VA Indigos & Sensitives Support Group meetings, he spontaneously goes into an altered state and one or more Archangelic energies or Archangelic Beings will begin to speak through him delivering a specific message to the members present. The following mp3 audio recordings are provided as examples of several of these spontaneous channeling sessions.

Click on the dates below to listen to some of Lowell's Channeling sessions for free:

March 16, 2011 (5 minutes 45 seconds)

February 1, 2012 (3 minutes 17 seconds)

May 15, 2013
(3 minutes 37 seconds)

March 26, 2014
(7 minutes 6 seconds)

If you are unable to open the audio file, you can download a free player from Real Audio. Click their logo below.

Year End Channeling PDF Files
For the past few years, Rev. Lowell Smith has carried out a "Deep Channeling" session annually in which he attunes to the Archangelic Council and answers questions raised by 1) The Fairfax, VA Indigos & Sensitives Support Group, 2) The Fairfax, VA A.R.E. Spiritual Discussion Group, and 3) The Tucson, AZ Dreams & Spiritual Discussion Group members regarding Environmental issues, Economic issues, Health issues, World Government issues, issues related to wars and other conflicts, Sociological issues, and Spiritual Growth & Development questions, etc.

Click on the dates below to download PDF copies of Lowell's Channeling sessions:

22nd December 2011

25th January 2012

25th January 2013

5th December 2014

17th February 2016