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Riveting!, February 28, 2010
By BA "Loves Reading"

My husband and I devoured this book! It is like spiritual soul food.  It makes me feel as though I was spiritually malnourished before reading it.  I have learned so much from every page.  Thank you, Lowell, for baring your soul on paper.  Your book is destined to touch so many lives.

This book is a helpful pre-requisite to understanding our son's psychic sensitivities.  Having had personal readings with Rev.  Lowell Smith, my husband and I can vouch for his authenticity, sincerity, compassion and amazing psychic ability.

Growing Up Psychic is a "must-read" for anyone on a path to understanding his or her spirituality.  It is absolutely mesmerizing and quite well written!

Thank you so much, Lowell, for writing this book!

Psychic Energy, February 14, 2010
By Leo Sveikauskas (Bethesda, MD United States)

I should mention first that I know the author, Lowell Smith, and have had several very helpful readings from Lowell.  I would also mention that I have studied the Search for God readings of Edgar Cayce for many years, and have become increasingly aware of at least some energies as a result.

As I read this book, it was interesting how many of the basic themes of Lowell's life, such as seeing auras, being aware of unseen energies in everyday life, being able to see the motivating internal energies and the medical conditions of people, the devotion to helping people, and above all, the ability to read the Akashic records for every individual, were also important themes in Edgar Cayce's life.

I have often wondered what it might be like to have the privilege of a reading from Edgar Cayce.  In my opinion, from my own life, readings from Lowell are the next best channel, in terms of precision and helpfulness, towards understanding one's own life and progress.  This makes me think that the energies and understandings which Lowell describes in his very interesting book are not only an account of an interesting life with unusual gifts, but more deeply also a vision of a pathway in life which many more of us will be following.

Authentic account of my experience with the author, October 5, 2010
By A. Campbell (McLean, VA)

Lowell Smith is a gifted psychic and his book is an authentic account of the manifestation and development of such a gift throughout a life-time.  Having been at the center of a truly remarkable incident in the book, I can no longer doubt the existence of bona fide psychics among us.  In my opinion, Lowell Smith is unique among them, and his book is both conclusive and riveting.

"Alison's Ghost and the Lewinsville Hanging Tree"(pp.  167) is my story.  It began with a casual comment to a co-worker(the author) about feeling "watched" in our family's new home.  It unfolded over many months, ultimately leading to the discovery of the actual hanging tree - a huge, triple-trunked giant in our woods - and the confirmation of highly paranormal activity in the home of another family I would never have met, had I not known Lowell Smith.  My story is one of a number of truly incredible incidents in the book that are only explainable when told from the perspective of an authentic psychic.  Highly recommended. 

Wonderful Reading, June 23, 2010
By Mary K. Manoogian

Growing Up Psychic is one of those well-written books that once you start reading, you are swept into another realm and want to stay there even after the book is finished.  It is the personal life story of a very gifted man.  Until I read this book, I thought having such a gift as Lowell Smith has would be just marvelous - we could predict when things would happen.  And wouldn't that be so much fun.  After reading this book, I realize it takes a very special and unique individual to handle such a gift.  And while many of us have had "unique" childhoods, Lowell's upbringing was horrendous.  Yet throughout his life filled with too many upsets and upheavals, the author intersperses such words of wisdom and gentle guidance for us the readers that I am awed by his compassionate, forgiving and loving spirit towards the unkindness of others.  There are many examples and many lessons woven throughout this book.  Also included is a wonderful section acknowledging the "New Age Kids" - their traits and characteristics that as parents and grandparents we can use as a guide for raising these very "interesting" children.  And lastly, don't miss the fascinating predictions in the concluding chapter.

This is a book you will long remember plus receive some pearls of wisdom along the way.

Captivating Read, February 13, 2010
By A. Hogge

"Growing Up Psychic" is truly an exceptional book written by an exceptional individual! It opened me up to a world I never knew existed.  Lowell's personal account of his childhood and adult experiences were fascinating and revealed a part of life I didn't know existed.  He detailed a journey of a boy becoming a man with amazing psychic talents.  I would recommend this book to anyone living with or living with someone who possesses some of these gifts.  A captivating read!

Riveting!, October 27, 2010
By Colleeb

I read this book over a weekend and couldn't put it down.  I found the information and personal experiences from the New Age kids fascinating.  I would definitely recommend this book!

Highly recommended!, October 13, 2010
By A.R.

This book helped me to understand how to better control and expand my own intuitive abilities.  I have already recommended it to several people I met who mentioned having a crystal star child in their lives.

Awesome!!!, August 25, 2010
By LRS Hecht (Denton, TX United States)

I enjoyed this book so much! Reading it, I felt like Lowell was a dear friend.  We have never met, but he is a part time neighbor of my parents and they adore him.  I love Lowell's honesty and openness about this life.  I highly recommend this book whether or not you have a psychic child.  So many of the things he described in his book, I could relate to when I was growing up.  Seeing visions, angels, etc.

I have also had a reading with Lowell and he was so spot on.  He is a great man with a wonderful gift.

Fascinating book!, August 10, 2010
By Andrea F. Svejda

I could not put this book down; what a wonderful read!  Truly inspirational and a wealth of information.  Thank you Lowell for sharing your life story.

Seeking the Truth, August 4, 2010
By Paulette

The truth is beautiful.  As a scientist I am trained to observe and form conclusions.  As a mother I protect, nurture and love my children.  Lowell is a truth and his book is a spiritual guide.

i love this book, July 30, 2010
By Katethegreat

For me, this book is like coming home.  I really could not put this book down because it spoke to me on so many levels.  I was extremely helpful for me to understand my own sensitivities and what I have been going through in my own life.  I also think that it helps people who are not sensitive to understand what their children and loved ones are going through.  I plan to send a copy to several people that I know, including my own mother.  I highly recommend this book

Thank you Lowell for bringing this work into the world and for helping us all!

Growing Up Psychic Review, May 30, 2010
By Sally T

Lowell Smith does an excellent job of relating his inner and outer experience of growing up and maturing with psychic sensitivities.  It is an impressive amount of information on the world of spirit and us and is helpful in describing how psychics process and interpret their information.  I was impressed by the description and explanation of the angelic realm by his channel.  I think what makes the book special is it is written in a personal way.  In relating the ups and downs in his personal life and others, helped to show how psychics are not exempt from life's ebb and flow we all experience.  It provides parents of children with psychic ability insight and guidance on how best to encourage, validate, and understand their children.  I hope all parents read your book and learn not to stifle their child's psychic development and will be able to recognize and understand the psychic side of their grown children as well.  This book is great for all ages.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to increase their understanding of the spiritual.

Growing Up Psychic, May 26, 2010
By Charlene A. Swartley

I met Lowell recently at an introduction to him and book signing.  Listening to him speak and interact with the audience; answering the personal questions presented to him, I knew he was "the real deal".  I couldn't wait to return to my home and start reading.  Once I picked up "Growing Up Psychic" I could hardly put it down.  Although it sadden me that a child had to endure so much sadness at such a young age, I knew it was an important story that needed to be told.  I'm sure he is what he is today because of life experiences, his love of humanity and his tremendous physic gifts.  "Growing Up Psychic" is truly and amazing, informative book that answers so many questions about psychic sensitivities and spirituality.  The channeling section is fascinating.  It's apparent he is a very intelligent, sincere, caring person who wishes to share his gifts in helping others understand themselves and to grow in their own psychic sensitivities.  It was an honor meeting him, and enjoying this book.  I look forward to attending one of his seminars, and hopefully more books from him.

Growing Up Psychic, May 13, 2010
By N. McGuire (USA)

This book is great for all ages.  My daughter, who is 10 and very interested in these matters is reading the book too.  I finished this book with a sense of awe and much better understanding of our spirituality.  The last chapters of the book, where Lowell is channeling the archangel is fascinating.  I would recommend this book to those trying to elevate their level of understanding on spirituality.  I have also had readings by this author and he is quite amazing and very gifted.

Read This Book!, May 6, 2010
By Arthur H. Mitchell (Fairfax, Virginia, USA)

This excellent autobiography should be read by anyone, whether psychic or non-psychically sensitive, who wishes to learn about what it means to be psychic.  Those of us who do not believe we are psychically sensitive but recognize the validity of others' reality will gain a much greater appreciation of the beauty and pain that goes along with growing up psychic.  The author recounts an early life when his abilities were either not recognized by his family or treated as mysterious evils that must be beaten out of him.  Anyone who is experiencing the miracles of a reality that most are not able to sense and is having difficulty coming to terms with their abilities or anyone who has a child who is experiencing "unexplained phenomena" should benefit greatly from the author's experiences.

Growing Up Psychic, April 15, 2010
By Sandra L. Holt

Growing Up Psychic is the compelling story of the author's journey to regain the psychic gifts and spirituality he was born with and loved, but which he deliberately put behind him in childhood.  Folded into this chronicle of Lowell Smith's personal growth and return to that spirituality are sections in which he provides advice to other sensitive people (or their relatives and friends) in how to understand and nurture their gifts in the face of a sometimes unbelieving world.  It is beautifully written, simple and straightforward, in a voice and tone that somehow convey Smith's deep spirituality and compassion.  Clearly he intends his words to help others avoid the pain he endured in his youth, which was caused by the cruelty of those around him who could not understand, but even more so by his forceful separation of himself from spirit so as to escape that cruelty.  Reading his story, I was continuously uplifted by a feeling of connectedness to spirit that seemed to emanate from the images his words generated in my mind; of appreciation for the trials he endured and the joy he rediscovered; and of gratitude that there are people in this world who can bring God closer to others, myself included, who also have found themselves alone in the darkness.

Life revealed - there's more than meets the eye, March 28, 2010
By J. R. LoFaro (NC)

Interesting, awe inspiring story that's interspersed with "directions" for life including those for enabling children to realize their spiritual and intuitive potential.  I found that I did not want to put the book down and yet at the same time, I wanted to pause and reflect on its inherent lessons and research various subjects referenced throughout the book.  There were many life situations and experiences described which I could relate to, and I would venture to say there is something in them for everyone.  A "must read" for parents with young children or those beginning a family.

A Must-Read for Parents of Psychically Sensitive Children, March 25, 2010
By Y. Gleason

If you know a child or teen who sees or hears things that most other people can't, then this book is for you.  Lowell takes us on a surprising journey through his life, growing up as a psychically sensitive child who sees auras and spirits.  Along the way, he provides examples and offers suggestions that will validate and nurture the exceptional gifts of psychically sensitive children and teens growing up today.  Thank you, Lowell!

Growing Up Psychic, What Every Parent & Child Should Know About Psychic Sensitivity, March 18, 2010

This book answered many questions I've had for years as to how psychics process and interpret the information they receive.  I found it to be an excellent resource and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in metaphysics and psychic phenomena.  I easily recognized my grandson as a Crystal Child, and found the section on "New Age Kids" especially interesting.  The author shares his psychic journey and growth in personal detail, leaving the reader satisfied.  Thank you, Lowell, for sharing your life!

A Psychic Revelation, February 27, 2010
By Steven R. Marcom (McLean, VA United States

My wife Janice and I read Lowell's book.  We know him personally, and therefore, the book had a special fascination for us.  Full of examples of unique psychic experiences, Lowell explains in matter of fact language how his reality was different from those who raised him - that he felt as a young child that everyone experienced the same visions that he did, and the suppression and punishment he received for what came so naturally for him.  I want to give this book to every parent, just in case they have a special child, and don't know the "right" way to respond to "surprising" behaviors.  For Janice, who has psychic sensitivities herself, it held her attention throughout and she did not want to put it down.  The book goes on to describe Lowell's deep exploration of his powers as he matured, and how he honed his ability to function in the presence of "non-psychic" aware people while never denying his unique gifts.  We recommend reading.

Getting to know who we are?, February 26, 2010
By Diane Foster (Fairfax, VA)

It was hard to put this book down.  The story of Lowell's life is fascinating, very informative, and a few times even tear-jerking.  You may be able to relate to Lowell through his experiences as a child, as an engineer, as a psychic, or as a teacher.  Lowell's story shows the reader how each experience, each relationship in life may be viewed as an opportunity to learn and to grow.  Plus, the book is as entertaining as it may be instructional - particularly to parents of sensitive children.  Lowells' book is truly a gift that may provide guidance and wisdom to those thirsty to learn more about the world of extrasensory perception.

A mind opening book, February 12, 2010
By D. Wright (Rockville, MD United States)

I read this book cover to cover.  It's like riding shotgun on a journey through a different world.  The author's life would be interesting even without his psychic sensitivities.  And with them, with the experiences he relates in such common sense, everyday terms, the journey is truly mind opening.  It made me acknowledge the reality of the things that are unseen by most of us, but that are seen by psychically sensitive people like Lowell.  In fact, the book got me talking with my grandaughter about some of Lowell's experiences, and she opened up and shared with me some of her own psychic experiences.  So Lowell's intention to have this book help us cultivate and honor the psychic sensitivities of young people is coming to fruition.  I would definitely recommend this book to others and have already loaned it out to a friend.

Amazing account and learning tool for parents of psychic children, February 11, 2010
By A. Magliozzi "Certified Regression Therapist" (Silver Spring, MD USA)

Rev. Smith does an outstanding job of "telling his story" and gives parents of psychically talented children an insight and guidance on how to encourage; validate; and love their children.  I will find his guidance invaluable as I raise my two grandchildren who clearly have brought gifts of their own into this incarnation. 

For anyone who works with children or just loves them, this is a MUST READ! You don't need to "believe" to learn from Rev. Smith's life's experience.

From seeing ghosts to channelled predictions, this author's journey
is one you may never forget!

Growing Up

By Rev. Lowell K. Smith

What Every Parent & Child
Should Know

Psychic Sensitivity

Growing Up

By Rev. Lowell K. Smith

Softback 296 Pages
ISBN 978-0-625-33157-7

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