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Hi Lowell, I wanted to share this story of how you touched my daughter's life when you met her in 2007.

In 2017 she had an English class assingment to tell a true story in the style of a graphic novel. She chose to tell about the time you helped her with the "bubbles" when she was very small.

Your gentle understanding and explanation of the orbs she was seeing, and your guidance on asking them to leave, were so reassuring to her. Now in high school she's starting to allow some of her sensitivies to return, knowing that they will help illuminate her path through life. Bless you.
- Cathy

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Some feedback given to Lowell from The Coptic Fellowship International Conference in Johnson City, TN April 23 - 26 2015 where he conducted a total of 43 (30 & 60 minute) readings for visitors to the conference.

- Very good reading! Much enjoyed & appreciated the session! Definitely glad I had the opportunity.
- He is amazing! I wish he would be back again, but I heard he wasn't. He has helped me so much!
- Interesting reading.
- Incredibly accurate and insightful reading. Thank you.
Terrific. Very helpful information. Felt truly right and real. Quite skilled.
- Impressed, and Mr. Smith did make a lot of sense and truthful answers to questions & explaining.
- Very grateful to see Rev. Smith at this time – hope our paths will cross again.
- All I can say is awesome!  He is truly a gift from our Creator to us.  He helped me so much to understand my brothers – friends in relationships.  Thank you for having him.
- He is wonderful.
- Positive experience – very insightful and affirming.

Some feedback given to Lowell from The Coptic Fellowship International Conference in Bristol, VA April 15-17, 2011 where he conducted 20 minute readings for visitors to the conference.

- Fast, Quick, Good!
- Very Good!
- Very good, felt energy as soon as I sat down – informative & inspiring / uplifting.
- Excellent.  Really enjoyed.
- Excellent reading!  Bring him back again.  Love him.
- Amazing and informative.  Interesting choice I made.
- Wonderful!  He tunes right in to what’s relevant (I saw a huge violet body of light around us.)
- Thank you.  His reading was excellent, inspiring & helpful.
- Very fast paced.  Lots of info.
- Wow – great information, great energy.  Hope to see him next year.
- Loved the past life info – Thanks so much!!
- Very good.
- Excellent!  Validated info given in the past – trusted & intrigued by new insights.
- Great insight into why I feel the way I do about the things I do & the feelings I have.
- Like him a lot.  I got great info from Rev Lowell.
- Great information on past lives & current issues.
- Cool.
- Awesome Energy – Answered my questions & gave me insight & confirmation into my past.
- This was an amazing 20 min.  Will definitely do this again!

"What a wonderful gift you have been given Lowell !  Thank you for the fantastic reading and God Bless."
Barbara Terry

"[my friend] has mentioned several times that the sessions you had with her and her children were very powerful for all of them. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world at this time. It is much needed and deeply appreciated."
Namaste, Pat

"Your easy going attitude and up front frankness are refreshing and enlightening for me – I really appreciate that."

"Your insights have literally changed my life and how I see things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

I went to my alternative care doctor today and asked if she would check my zinc level and cromium level.  She asked why -- wanting to know my symptoms.  I told her the psyhic told me I needed them....of course, she didn't believe me.  She checked me anyhow and said that my zinc level was WAY LOW and gave me some zinc supplements!!
Imagine that!!
Jean H

Rev. Lowell K. Smith is an amazing human being and beyond gifted intuitive! Today was my first reading with Lowell and our time together, both in his abilities and as an intuitive and as a person was by far a truly uplifting, informative, enlightening, and incredibly calming experience for me. The insights, information, and guidance he offered me were SPOT on! I cannot emphasis this fact enough! His approach to his work is honest and frank yet the messages are delivered in a sensitive, deeply caring and specific way that creates clarity and understanding much deeper than the surface answer. Lowell goes above and beyond in his support and guidance, making sure the person he is working with can end their session with a sence of peace and greater purpose. He is absolutely amazing and a beautiful gift to the world. I encourage anyone who is open; to work with, connect, share, and be present with Lowell. Your time with him will mend your heart, liberate your mind, and enlighten your spirit. Do it! Call him today!
J. Circosta

This beautiful child was having nightmares and seeing entities.
"Things are SO much better since your visit - it's amazing how much more relaxed Kelly is".

"Lowell, I just wanted to thank you for today and for the readings with me and my kids. You have such a pure spirit."

"Lowell, Thanks for inviting us to join your group, it was wonderful to find a group of people who share similar metaphysical happenings.

For a very long time I actually thought I was crazy, hearing things, seeing things, smelling things, and feeling things that were not really THERE. You touched several tender chords within me during the meeting. I would like to develop whatever psychic sensitivities I have in ways that can serve me and others without all the negative entrapments.

Your suggestion to simply turn the negative 'images of impending doom' around into love to help those who will be affected makes the most wonderful sense of WHY I have received these! Why indeed, so I can HELP by sending loving energy and empathy without taking it on or interfering.

Thanks for your kindness and sharing so we don't feel so 'alone' out here!

Hello Lowell,

I can't thank you enough for the amazing reading I recieved the other day. After thinking about all that you had told me, I can now make sense of the patterns in my life. It's like someone helped me to piece a puzzle together . My behaviours, my feelings, my connections now make perfect sense. You helped me see what is important and what I need to focus on.

I'm so grateful for your time. You have a wonderful gift. I'm so glad you are sharing it with the world.
Christine M.

"I have always believed that when anyone gives a reading, they are bringing out a communication we wish to have with ourselves. I heard the truth in all you stated and again thank you for being such an open and clear channel"

"I would like to personally thank you for your help in bringing my puzzle together.

For years, I have been troubled with questions that I could not seem to answer. Your great efforts have changed my life! I am honored that God would allow us to cross paths, in order for the right information to be properly administered. The flood gates are open. I can now take the proper steps in the direction that has been presented!

God Bless You Reverend Smith!!"

Lowell changed my life, my inner life. His reading concerning my question about a man I worked for, who was head of a spiritual institute, really clarified old issues. I finally understood all those extremely negative and bizarre situations. This deep understanding of why, and what drove him to do what he did, made it much easier for me to use the Ho-opono-pono forgiveness process that Lowell taught me.

I feel very free now. I remember the negative stuff -- it’s not “erased” -- but I no longer hold the old grudges, nor my old anger and resentment. The energy in those feelings has literally dissolved. And in that space, remembering the magnificent spiritual experiences, and extradinary events that happened while I was working there, that had been shielded by my own negativity, now are beginning to pop up. Thank you, Lowell, and all those who assist you, you all have my gratitude and blessings forever.

With my love,


"I just wanted to thank you so very much for doing the reading for my daughter, Lyndsay.

I now have a changed child. Everything that seemed so unsettling to her is now so clear. You have really been a miraculous addition to our lives! Thanks again for everything. You truly have changed our lives."

Dear Lowell

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today. I left your house feeling very validated and understood, more so than any time in my life. I want you to know how grateful I am for who you are and what you do for others. I knew that I was meant to meet you and speak with you. All of the things we discussed today have been going through my mind on and off for years but I couldn't put the pieces together.

Today it feels like everything I've know but didn't understand for so long was shown to me and explained to me in a way that I totally understand and feel comfortable with. Words aren't enough to thank you for what you've shared with me. I will forever be grateful.
Blessings and Love to you,