Rev Lowell K. Smith

Tucson Address
64714 E. Drifter Drive
SaddleBrooke, Tucson, AZ 85739
520 825 5574
703 795 6498

Tucson Directions

Lowell's Tucson home is located just off AZ Rte 77 (N. Oracle Rd.) in the Saddlebrooke community about 9.5 miles North of Oro Valley, AZ

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Robe of Light Protection Prayer
The following is a Prayer of Protection that I teach all psychically sensitive people that come to see me. It consists of creating a cocoon of white light all around you, with mirrors on the outside. It is a very powerful affirming statement that will protect you from any energy draining attacks, be they deliberate or accidental.

Robe of Light Protection Prayer
I surround myself with a robe of light, consisting of the Love and Power and Wisdom of God. Not only for my protection, but so that all who see it, or come in contact with it (meaning spirit entities) will be drawn back to God and healed.

A Typical Psychic Reading
A typical Psychic Reading with Lowell consists of having the client print their name as it appears on their birth certificate, their date of birth as well as the name they currently use (e.g. a married name, or assumed name). For phone readings, Lowell will ask the client for this information.

From that information, Lowell then tunes into the Akashic record associated with the client's existence and provides them the information he is shown, told, and presented, etc.

An initial reading, which is usually 1 hour in length, typically includes information about what past lives have a significant influence on or in the current lifetime, what influence these lifetimes have on the current lifetime, what talents that entity (the client) has brought into the current lifetime, what challenges and opportunities the entity has laid out for itself as part of their spiritual growth, what past life relationships the entity has chosen to experience in their current lifetime, etc.

The reading typically then proceeds with statements about important or impactful events that the entity has experienced in the current lifetime, what the lesson/reason is behind them, etc. The reading then proceeds with the client/individual providing feedback on the information presented and then the client is able to ask specific questions about anything they desire.

These readings are recorded and the client will be sent an mp3 Audio file via email. If a client requests an Audio CD of the reading, there will be a charge of $5 for domestic clients and $7 for international clients to cover the cost of materials, as well as postage and shipping.

Initial readings are always one hour in length, and the fee for the one hour reading is $90.

Shortened Readings
For repeat clients, Lowell offers shorter readings. Repeat clients can request a 30 minute reading, which costs $50 or a 15 minute reading (Typically only one or two questions), which costs $25. These readings will also be recorded and the client will be sent an mp3 Audio file of the reading via email.

To schedule a sixty minute Reading with Lowell...

Tucson, AZ Office phone:
520 825 5574
Cell Phone:
703 795 6498