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Lowell is a gifted intuitive who helps others gain valuable insights into life's purpose, career options, talents, relationships, health & medical conditions, finances, personal issues, and belief systems.

With his ability to read auras and energy patterns, Lowell's special interest is in helping today's children understand their unique strengths and powers as Indigo and Crystal children. Lowell's purpose is to educate and train these Indigos, and those who live and work with them in the importance of understanding metaphysical laws.

The purpose of this web site is to
"Bring Light & Understanding
to those who seek"

by offering:

  • Workshops on a variety of Metaphysical Topics
  • Provide Private readings to help my clients understand their Soul's purpose and to give them a sense of who they really are
  • Provide Articles that will both enlighten and entertain
  • Provide Links to other web sites that focus on Metaphysical ideas
  • Provide Inspirational sayings & poems that will lighten the soul and provide a sense of connection to Universal Consciousness
  • Life Purpose
  • Career
  • Talents
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Belief systems
    to manifest abundance
    in all life arenas
  • Energy patterns: Understanding and guiding children to express
    their potential
  • Forgiveness
  • Transitional support
    for the dying and grief support for the living
  • Messages from the dead
    and dying to provide
    comfort and assurance
    that every soul is eternal
  • Past life issues and connections
  • Dream interpretation

To schedule a sixty minute Reading
with Lowell call...

Tucson, AZ: 520 825 5574
Cell: 703-795-6498
or Email:

Lowell is located in
Tucson, AZ (MST) USA


Friendship is like a beautiful rose;
its growth cannot be forced but must be allowed to unfold just as the petals of a rose unfold to reveal its true beauty.

Friendship cannot be held nor coveted
for self but must be freely given and shared and more freely received.
For true friendship, like a rose's true beauty, is a gift from GOD which must simply be observed, appreciated,
and allowed to continue to grow.

When one truly appreciates this truth
one can begin to be open to friendships
of all kinds and become aware
of the rose-like beauty in all mankind.

Lowell Smith June 1989

Lowell K. Smith
Lowell Smith is a gifted intuitive who helps people gain valuable insights into all of life's arenas. He focuses on what you want to know about your life purpose, career options, talents, relationships, health, finances, personal issues and belief systems, all for guiding you to your greatest potential.

He has the special ability to access information from the Akashic Records; the holographic record of everything a soul has done in a past or present life, as well as potential paths a person has the possibility of creating for their future. This enables Lowell to access information from all aspects of an individual's complex bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As a medical intuitive Lowell can scan the functioning of your body, providing confirmation of a correct diagnosis offering peace of mind. In 1996, Lowell's medical intuitive abilities were demonstrated through his very personal experience of accurately diagramming the location of his own brain tumor. After the surgery, his neurosurgeon confirmed that Lowell's diagram was indeed correct including an area of the pituitary that would not have been suspected or operated on.

With his ability to read Auras and energy patterns, Lowell's special interest is in helping today's children understand their unique strengths and powers as Indigo and Crystal children. Additionally, he offers parents and relatives ways to guide these children to more easily manifest their potential.

Lowell's clients value his insights and deeply trust his guidance recognizing his gifts to access information that brings greater awareness. With his unique ability to see energy patterns, Auras, and receive guidance from Spirit in many ways, Lowell is a highly trusted resource
and can be of service in many arenas.

Lowell's Background
As a psychically-sensitive child born to a practicing psychic mother, Lowell Smith made an early choice to turn off his psychic abilities. He had always seen Auras, what he called "lights" around people as a young boy. This greatly disturbed his grandfather who didn't want anyone to know that his grandson had extraordinary gifts. As a six year old boy whose natural-born abilities included seeing dead people, he was confused when he asked his grandfather why a man in his grandfathers barber shop didn't have any "lights" around him. When the man died that evening, Lowell was severely punished for his "satanic" premonition. As a result, he asked God to take away his "ability" to see "lights" and dead people.

Years later at age 15, he was reunited with his natural mother who re-introduced him to his own psychic sensitivities while demonstrating her own psychic abilities in casual matter-of-fact fashion. Although curious, Lowell didn't actively explore the range and capabilities of his newly rediscovered psychic sensitivities until his mid-twenties.

While studying to become an electrical engineer, he simultaneously pursued studies in Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, and Eastern Religious studies, further activating his psychic sensitivities and abilities. As his interest in and understanding of metaphysics intensified, he became a consultant to several paranormal-based organizations. After receiving his graduate degree in Electrical Engineering, he continued his scientific studies while also pursuing his interest in Metaphysics.

As an active member of the Association of Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Foundation) since the late 1960's and the Unity of Fairfax Church since the early 1970's, Lowell has continued to pursue his passion of studying and teaching Spiritual and Metaphysical principles and Psychic phenomena. This has included attending, and helping to facilitate many A.R.E. and other Metaphysical organization conferences such as NOVA (Network Of eVolutionary Advancement), The Macro Society, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, the Washington DC Mystery School, etc. Lowell has also attended and assisted at several Unity workshops and retreats.

Lowell has participated in, started and facilitated several A.R.E. Search For God Study Groups in Delaware, New Jersey, and the Northern Virginia area, and has served as an active member of the Northern Virginia A.R.E. Council.

Lowell's passion to teach others what he has learned extends to teaching classes and conducting workshops on Meditation, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Regression, Psychic Development and Aura Reading, Mediumship, and laying-on-of-hands healing. Lowell's scientific mind has served him for decades in methodically understanding and applying Metaphysical principles to understand and explain Spiritual Laws and Psychic phenomena

Lowell is also an ordained minister in the Sanctuary Of The Beloved Church in Conesus, NY.

Lowell was recently accepted as a "Qualified Professional Psychic" by the A.R.E. (Association for Research & Enlightenment. Founded by Edgar Cayce in 1931)
Click for a link to the ARE Web Site.

Lowell recently completed a week long intensive training session for "Past Life Regression Therapy" by the well known PLR Therapist/Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, MD and has begun conducting Past Life Regression Workshops as well as individual Past Life Regression sessions.