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The following poem was written by the author while running on the beach in Virginia Beach, VA. It was a chilly April morning - the wind was howling and the waves were roiling, and I thought how angry the waves looked. Immediately I heard the waves say back to me, "Why do you say we are angry?" "We're not angry, we are simply obeying God's laws." Then an entire dialogue pursued between myself, the wind and the waves and when I got back to my room I wrote the following poem.

Listening To God

You say you wish to speak to God, to hear God's voice? Then Listen to God's creations.

Listen to the wind as it moves through the air. Whether soft or gale force it speaks volumes of God's power, mercy and grace.

The wind does not know anger when gale force, nor gentleness when a soft breeze. It does not fight the air through which it moves.
It merely knows to blow - to be.

Listen to the ocean as it moves toward the shore, whether as a calm sea lapping against the shore,
or as a stormy sea when it seems to throw itself against the rocks as if to crush them.

Yet the sea knows not gentleness when calm nor anger when it appears to be boiling. It only knows to express the laws of God.

The wind and the sea express God's laws in perfect accord with that for which they were created. They neither fight nor exaggerate God's laws to make themselves more or less important but merely express themselves as cleanly and clearly as they can.

If we could but listen to these creations of God and the messages they convey then perhaps we would understand that gentle and gale force are not different expressions of God, it's just that we experience them differently.

When we can listen to the force and power of the gentlest of breezes or the calmest of seas and the peace and gentleness
of the most powerful winds and the stormiest of seas then we can say we have listened to God.

Lowell K. Smith, April 2003


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstein

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."
Albert Einstein

"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."
Albert Einstein

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."
Albert Einstein


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How does Karma work if there is NO Judgement in Heaven?

In order to address this and related questions, one needs to understand what and where is GOD, what is the SOUL and what and who we HUMANS are. We also need to understand what and where is HEAVEN (and HELL), what JUDGEMENT means, and what KARMA means.

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Video Link to An Uplifting Message:

The Fellowship of the Inner Light Interfaith Church and Spiritual Center based in Virginia Beach, VA recently invited Lowell to speak at one of their regular Sunday Service gatherings.

His illuminating presentation was captured on video and is available courtesy of the FIL on their YouTube channel at:

The theme of Lowell’s presentation was: "We are not a spiritual body, we are a Spiritual Essence occupying this body." Lowell shared his experiences of being Psychic as a small boy in first a Catholic Church environment and then in a Hell Fire & Brimstone Baptist Church environment, and how he used his Psychic connection to Spirt to communicate directly with God and the Angels, and remain connected to Spirit in spite of being told that he was evil because he could speak to the dead and to Angels.

In his presentation, Rev. Smith provides helpful hints to help one focus their mind on the Divine within and thus connect to Spirit and the Divine within. He concluded his presentation with a short uplifting Guided Image Meditation which was enthusiastically received by the congregation/gathering.

Morning Preparation & Evening Gratefulness Affirmation Exercise - Click here for instructions.

The Universe & Your Attitude -

The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you.
The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.
The more joyful you are, the more Well-being flows to you, and you get to choose the details of how it flows.

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I will be adding more affirmations over time for you to use so come back often.

Drawing Loving & Caring People to you

"I desire to draw unto myself that individual and/or those individuals who can be loving and caring and support me, in the way I am and the way I desire to become, and that I can be loving and caring and supportive of them in the way they are and the way they desire to become. I ask that all other relationships (including family relationships) that are not of that energy, either change or dissolve in accordance with their and my highest good."

Drawing a Loving & Caring Romantic Relationship to you

"I desire to attract to myself, and to be attracted to, a "right & compatible" romantic and/or companionable relationship that will allow me the opportunity to learn to express and experience my loving and caringness toward another, and that will allow me (or force me) to be open and accepting of another's loving and caringness as well.

Forgiveness and Release Affirmation

"(say that persons name) I now forgive you for all the hurtful things you did and/or said to me under your care or control, and I ask forgiveness of any hurts or harms that I might have caused you. I ask that all past connects to you, either in this lifetime or any past lifetimes, be resolved and/or dissolved by the healing light of the Christ, and that you be bound by whatever Karma you have created, but be forced to resolve that Karma with individuals other than myself."

"I bless and release you (say the persons name) to the Karma that you created, and demand that your Spirit bless and release me from any Karmic ties you have to me. I ask that through the power, love and grace of the Divine, that all connections between us be dissolved, and forgiven."

Home Smudging and Blessing Ceremony

A simple ceremony to create a Sacred Space for your Home or Work Space.

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