Growing Up

By Rev. Lowell K. Smith

What Every Parent & Child
Should Know

Psychic Sensitivity

Growing Up

By Rev. Lowell K. Smith

Softback 296 Pages
ISBN 978-0-615-33157-7

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Growing Up Psychic is a compelling story of a young boy's struggle to understand his psychic experiences: seeing lights (the Aura) around people and animals, seeing and conversing with the ghosts of family relatives, and playing with his Nature Spirit friends and Angels.

The author takes you on a journey through some of the difficulties involved in growing up with psychic abilities. Your heart will break as you read about how his hell fire and brimstone Baptist grandfather accused him of being "possessed by the devil" and causing an old man to die, and how he asked his Angels to take his gift away at the tender age of 6 1/2.

You will learn how he found his psychic mother again when he was 15 and about how his Angel Lady in White "turned the gift back on" as he started his re-education into the psychic world with the help of his mother.

The author explains how his Spirit Guides helped him in school while studying to become an Electrical Engineer and throughout his career - giving him guidance when it was asked for and where it was needed.

Well documented is the author's Metaphysical education via the Association of Research & Enlightenment  (A.R.E.) and other Metaphysical and Spiritual groups such as Unity Church.

As the journey continues the author describes how he became a Certified Field tested Psychic for the A.R.E. and a Minister. He also describes his discovery of the New Age Kids - Indigos, Crystals, and Star Children, including his perspective on their Aura, their purpose and what these New Consciousness Children mean to humanity.

Your heart will sing as you read how the author has been able to help so many children and adults come to understand their own psychic sensitivities, and embrace their own spirituality - regardless of their religious beliefs.

From seeing ghosts to channelled predictions, this author's journey
is one you may never forget!